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Shabby Chic Wood Flooring

Shabby chic as an interiors term was aired by The World of Interiors Magazine in the 1980s. A design that has been adopted in the united kingdom and the US, shabby chic is all about re-creating the appearance of significant country homes which were handed down the generations without many modifications being made over the years. Characterised by aged and distressed pieces of furniture as well as faded linens, it is clear to see the allure of this look. Should you fancy giving a space in your house, or really your whole home a shabby chic look, it's simpler than you might think. And the good news is, with a bit of planning you can easily turn the result from excellent to excellent without calling for much in the way of additional investment. A wonderful place to begin is with the infrastructure of your area. The whole shabby chic background counts on the right flooring and the right walls. Obtaining the backdrop right Before you even start to consider furnishings and finishing touch